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Jamal Spencer


Jamal not only comes from a place where he learned to mimic what he heard and saw, but he grew up doing a lot which he believed were the ways of being accepted by his peers, especially the men he idolized. Jamal equipped himself with the so-called, ’Jewels’’ of his older peers while searching to find his place in circles where survival causes one to abandon one’s true sense of self: no longer were school and home life of interest. Eventually, the street life would cause him to spiral out of control and land him in prison.

It was in prison while serving a life sentence that Jamal would develop his love for community engagement. His skill set now enables him to reach countless lives. Jamal now dedicates his life to healing those traumatized.

In the Press:

As teens, these Bostonians were sentenced to life behind bars for murder. Now they’re out and trying to help others heal.


The Struggle to Survive in the Pandemic Prison


Tim Deal


Tim Deal was introduced to Restorative Justice while incarcerated as a youthful offender. He served almost 20 years and became a leader and influencer of change within the prison system.


While serving his sentence, he completed his High School Equivalency and received an IT Essentials Certification. Tim has always excelled in mathematics and became MCI Concord’s first tutor for the Department of Corrections, where he was able to use his skills and intelligence to tutor his peers in pre-GED, GED, and pre-college classes.

In the Press:

As teens, these Bostonians were sentenced to life behind bars for murder. Now they’re out and trying to help others heal.

Angelica Fontes.png

Angelica Fontes


Angelica Fontes is a second-generation Cape Verdean American who grew up in Brockton, MA.


She developed an interest in civic engagement during early adolescence and has since been driven by the pursuit of social justice and equity for BIPOC communities.


Her work focuses on centering, supporting, and empowering community voices that have been doing the work and living in the realities for decades.


Outside of work, Angelica can be found listening to music and utilizing creative mediums to express herself.

tamia rashima jordan, M.Ed.


tamia rashima jordan, M.Ed., is an educator who channels her energy into projects focused on healing within the BIPOC (Black & Indigenous & People of Color) community. She serves as the Director of Intercultural Student Affairs at Emerson College.


As a Trauma-Informed leader, she is a founding Director of EVOLve Together LLC, which provides critical interventions that empower and support currently incarcerated and returning citizens.


Additionally, she is Chief of Staff to the Founder and CEO of T.C.G.T. (That Child Got Talent) Entertainment, a full-service film and live event production company with a social justice mission.

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