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Christopher Henderson-West

Henderson-West & Company | CEO & Lead Narrative Strategist


Inaugural Board Chair

Christopher is a creative leader and narrative strategist. He has experience developing and managing brand identities and building efficient operational systems and teams for small businesses, NGOs, and political campaigns.


He founded Henderson-West and Company, a branding agency dedicated to building inclusion and diversity into business management and communication practices into the foundation of every brand launched.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he makes it his life mission to ensure people know the difference between a bubbler and a water fountain.

Nerissa Williams Scott

CEO & Lead Creative Producer | That Child Got Talent Entertainment

Inaugural Board Treasurer

Nerissa graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts. She is also a graduate of Emerson College, where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production ’15 (emphasis on producing).

  • CEO and Lead Creative Producer of That Child Got Talent Entertainment

  • Faculty in the Business of Creative Enterprises Dept at Emerson College

  • Faculty at Massachusetts College of Art & Design

  • Faculty at Boston University

  • Nerissa Williams Scott is a film producer based out of Boston, MA


Reginauld Williams

Strategist | Hour Strategy

Inaugural Board Member

Reggie is an advocate and strategist working at the intersection of economic development and public policy to help close achievement gaps in Greater New England.


He is a systems thinker - often focused on the big picture challenges that contributed to our nation's growing racial wealth divide. 

Storytelling is his superpower. He leverages experience working with communities impacted by lacking behavioral health and workforce development opportunities to create actionable policy recommendations to improve the future Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

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